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Operation Triple H Unveils New Website

Engaging, Inspiring & Easy to Use, OTH Leaders Hope New Website Will Help to Grow Community of Donors, Friends, and Veterans Through Our Common Mission

For close to 20 years, honoring, helping & healing disabled veterans through outdoor hunting and fishing experiences has been the self-funded mission of Operation Triple H. Now with the formalization of operations as a 501-c3, Operation Triple H is ready to expand it's noble mission and vision to serve disabled veteran's through it's outdoor therapy programs!

"All our veterans are heroes and should be treated that way. I've been blessed to be able to both serve our country and now serve our disabled veterans through Operation Triple H. I hope others across the country will join our mission!" - - - Stan Ouellette, Director, Operation Triple H

Operation Triple H's website at is the first step to help expand the presence and support of our mission and vision to grow the number of outdoor adventures we can host and the number of disabled veterans we can serve. We hope you

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